Hudlo products were created by me, Katie, a registered nurse and board certified lactation consultant and designed by my husband Matt. Hudlo is creating skin-to-skin clothing for moms and babies. Based on years of scientific research we know this practice has a multitude of benefits; keeping babies calm, enhancing brain development, and lowering a mothers risk for postpartum depression are just a few.

Our dream is to educate and empower parents to take ownership of their child’s birth by participating in skin-to-skin care directly after delivery. Our inspiration for spreading knowledge of skin to skin care comes from our own birth experiences, and is named after our precious kids, Hudson and Harlow.

My first birth ended in an emergency c- section, where I was separated from my son for several hours.

During the next several months, I had the feeling that something was missing and was filled with an overwhelming sense of failure. So fast forward to 2011; I became pregnant with my second baby, and now as a medical professional and experienced Mom, I knew there had to be a better and more natural way.

One night after a long 12 hour shift at the hospital, I came home and told Matt we had a simple mission:

To change the way moms and babies come together after delivery.

So we began researching skin-to-skin clothing, and Matt got out his sewing machine. Luckily, he is a man of many talents and designed our very first shirt! We quickly partnered up with an experienced apparel designer and several prototypes later we knew we were on to something great.

To date, we have created two products, a true Skin-to-Skin Carrier that is easy to wear and allows for on the go breastfeeding, and a Skin-to-Skin Shirt to be worn in both the operating room for immediate implementation of Skin to Skin Care during family-centered cesareans, and in the NICU to practice Kangaroo Care with preterm babies.

We are introducing the most fashionable, comfortable, and breastfeeding-friendly Skin-to-Skin clothing for you and your most precious resource to enjoy together.

Katie Halverstadt

Co-Founder Katie Halverstadt is an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Registered Nurse who participated in the design of our garments to promote the benefits of skin to skin care and initiate breastfeeding with the best outcomes of mothers and babies in mind. Through her expertise in the field, she has connected with thousands of mothers in Colorado to expand their understanding of how Skin to Skin Care can enhance their roles as mothers, and ease their breastfeeding journey. By initiating skin to skin contact after vaginal, cesarean and adoptive births, she has spread the graces of the natural act of Skin to Skin Care to successful moms across Colorado. She is the author of the blog Latch-On Baby, a breastfeeding and new mom resource. As a 2014 nominee for the Florence Nightingale Nursing award, she understands that the implementation of Skin to Skin Care is an integral move for hospitals, birthing centers, and parents committed to utilizing the best practices available to keep moms and babies together after delivery.

Matt Halverstadt

Co-Founder Matt Halverstadt is our product designer. Inspired and informed by personal experience with his own infants, he knew that products like those introduced by Hudlo would provide important benefits to both babies and new moms. He is a certified Master Trainer for Daddy Boot Camp, and through his classes he encourages all fathers to take an active role in their new baby’s life, and to educate themselves on breastfeeding, babywearing, and outdoor play, along with strongly supporting their partners! As a male in a very female dominated business, Matt has participated in many conferences and seminars on Skin to Skin Care, breastfeeding, and babywearing; often as the only male attendee. His love of the outdoors has led him to create a comfortable, safe, and fashionable baby carrier that helps moms and their new babies get up, get out, and get going.